5 Tips That Will Get You Ready for Negotiating Your Property Purchase

Purchasing a property is the biggest investment one invests in his whole life. Buying flat in hyderabad is like full filling ones dreams. And purchasing a property has never been easy. Many circumstances, skills and hard work must be put in before a happy purchase. The first and the foremost important skill required for purchasing is negotiation skill. This negotiation plays a major role in purchasing commercial property in hyderabad. Here are few (win-win) negotiating skills to help you with a perfect purchase.

1. Budget Planning: -

                Determine your financial sources and plan your budget. Fix your highest affordable point, for the purchase. During negotiation, if it crosses your affordable point, then leave the negotiation. Don’t go beyond your limit.

2. Research: -

Outline requirements; what you property want to buy and then start hunting for your requirement in the market and after few searches you will have some good knowledge about the properties in the market and their prices.

3. Reason for sale / Do Research for a sale: -

Make a note of few properties which are in your affordable range. Try to know as much as you can about the property and about the vendor, because “Someone’s minus is our plus” and prepare a list of questions; “know the reasons for the sale of property, note down the circumstances for a sale, understand the situation/need for sale”. Questions which may be noted down buy a buyer;

  • Know since, how long the property in market for sale.
  • What price the seller is looking for.
  • Reason for sale.
  • Situation of a seller.
  • Find if property has any problem,
    • Legal problems and
    •  If you are looking for perfectly vastu based property, then look for a property which perfectly matches your requirement.

Design few more questions accordingly to your requirement.

4. Never show your intention to a seller: -

Act smart and be in neutral position, before you start negotiating. This is the most important and the killer skill.

Before making a purchase decision, don’t make too much contact with the seller, he will try to catch your pulse or your anxiety for that property. The seller will try getting in personnel with you and he’ll try to enquire about your finance standards and even he may put an extra effort to know about your strengths of borrowing. Purchase decision, must be done in street smart way. Don’t reveal your feelings/willingness for a property or for its features, it will become plus for a seller and he will try to push the price high. Express yourself as if you want to buy the property, but some features are stopping you from purchase.  This will set seller to step forward and start negotiating with you, but remember this must not be done overly, the seller may get irritated, it should be done in street smart way.

5. Bidding: -

Always start your bid from a low range. It is quite common the houses are tagged higher than the actual value. So low bidding than the price tagged will help and bid wisely. And if it goes out of your limit then, be happy to leave it. Sometimes too much negotiation may lose the deal. Always negotiations must be win-win. You Win, I Win! You Happy, I Happy!

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