Choice Centre – A Commercial Landmark in The Making at S.D. Road

The renowned name in construction business and infrastructural development, Choice-India ventures into development of yet another commercial landmark at the most popular location in the city – S.D. Road. Choice Centre is located at S.D. Road, Secunderabad and is ideally located on the 150′ wide road adjacent to Rail Nilayam and closer to Sangeet Junction.

The location and ventured project of Choice Centre meets all the elements required for the commercial success. It has exclusive combination of architecture and quality construction material to further enhance the project to higher prospects. Choice-India, as a leading construction company adheres to all the standards that are required for the development of a commercial complex.

Choice Centre has detailed architecture plan with attractive elevation to allure shoppers. It has the modern facilities for entertainment and many exclusive features that form a base for a standard commercial complex.

Features of Choice Centre:

  • M 20 grade RCC foundation designed for Seismic Zone II.
  • Superstructure Brick Masonry with good quality solid cement concrete blocks.
  • Anti-termite treatment carried out as per Green Building standards and IS standards.
  • Combination of ACP/Clay Blocks/Texture paint / Stone work for Elevation.
  • Polished Granite Slabs/Vitrified tiles/Kota stones will be used for common areas.
  • Transformers of required capacity and reputed make and standard shall be provided.
  • Earthing grid for power system with resistance as per standards.
  • Fire protection system shall be arranged for, including the common areas and basements like sump, sprinklers, hose real, etc.
  • Railings for the main staircase shall be with stainless steel tubes.
  • All other rails shall be MS tubes Painted.
  • Bore well /water connection from HMWSSB as per requirement.
  • A.P.TRANSCO Power Suitable for the Complex.
  • Adequate shafts and sumps or Sanitary/ Electrical/ Fire/Communication/Dewatering services.
  • Water Proofing in Terrace / Cellars.
  • Comfort Tiles on Terrace to reduce radiation.

SD Road or commonly known Sarojini Devi Road is very famous and has tremendous potential to be exploited in the Retail & Commercial segment. The location has many shopping centers ranging from small, medium to large stores, theaters, hotels and restaurants and place for many corporate offices too. On completion, Choice Centre would surely become a landmark in the region.

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