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If you are looking for best real estate property in Hyderabad then it is imperative to choose an experienced real estate developer. Choice-India, with their decades of experience in infrastructure development and residential construction, can offer best commercial property in Hyderabad as well as residential buildings too. But how would one know that a company has the good-will and experience. The following gives that answer.

  1. Gather some information about the builder, their projects and their reputation in the market. Consult people who have dealt with the construction company.
  2. Never hesitate to ask the builders for a list of their previous and current projects. It gives a clear idea about the builder and their work.
  3. If one is shown a sample-flat then enquire about the facilities of the apartment as well as the project. A well reputed builder will have all types of amenities available in their projects. It often happens that buyers do not get what is shown in the sample flat. So do examine thoroughly get a complete idea.
  4. Many people often find discrepancies in the pricing of the apartments of the same project. It is one of the most crucial parts to learn about. Ask for proper papers and talk to the occupants of other apartments, if any, to get the right idea about the price. It is always advisable to but a completely built flat rather than buying an under-construction flat.
  5. Always check the paper-works of the project. Ask for the sanctioned plans; the plan for construction of residential building should be sanctioned by proper authorities under Government.
  6. Always check whether the residential construction company has certifications from ICRA or CARE or ISO 9000+, CRISIL etc. These certifications authenticate the project and the builder.
  7. Before buying make sure that the builder possesses completion certificate and occupancy certificate. These certificates ensure that the project and the build comply with all the municipal norms.

Choice-India is one of the best construction companies in Hyderabad and we provide all the above mentioned services to our clients. Transparency and quality in service is what we promise.

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