Guru s Choice Residency – Strategic Location In The City

Hyderabad is one of the busiest cities in India. To buy a flat in Hyderabad the resident has to spend a lot of money. Guru’s Choice Residency east maredpally offers the best apartments to buy in Hyderabad, the city of pearls at stunningly affordable prices. They offer the best deals to the buyers. It is Located in Jubilee hills and it provides a cozy environment to stay in without the problems of traffic, noise pollution and other negative aspects surrounding a busy city. These apartments are well-constructed and planned.

Complex facilities

This is among the top residential building sale in Hyderabad. It is a complex building with many inner-complex facilities like gardens, swimming pool and a club. The residents do not have to worry about security as it is taken care of with a 24 hour security facility. Car parks for the residents are also provided and cars are kept under strict surveillance. At Guru’s choice residency premium quality can be guaranteed to the residents. Each project is ensured to be a blend of the latest designs, sustainable & eco-friendly material and advanced technology to effectively utilize the investment for customers.

This is the best construction company in Hyderabad with many projects and some are still pending. The fine quality of construction, effective and efficient management practices and the potential to always cater to the needs of the customers than what was promised are the pillars of success at choice, making it the first priority among home-seekers.

Choice of flats

A varied range and choice of flats are provided by the best construction company in Hyderabad. Residential building sale in Hyderabad is made easy with such construction companies. Other than these other types of flats are also available according to the needs of the buyers. Duplex, Triplexes are also available at a slightly higher price. Penthouses are also constructed by the said construction


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