Importance of Vastu Shasta for Building a House

The basic idea for building a house is to have a place of peace and prosperity for anyone who wants to own a house and fulfil their dream desire of happily living ever after with their family. It precisely takes many points into limelight when one decides to build a house like a good plot area, a good Construction Company, quality construction material dealer, a good architect, and the most unique conscience of many Telugu people building a house – VASTU.

Vastu is a methodical study that explores the impact of the rays of sun on the earth. The conditions that prevail with the effects of such impact greatly influence the architect plan and construction of house. It is a systematic method to explore its effects and influence on the residents of the house. Prior to the construction of any building, it is must to design a perfect architect plan to fix the layout of the house keeping all necessary parameters related to Vastu.

Before you start the construction process, it is always beneficial to the residents or owners of that building to perform a bhoomi pooja, an age old tradition in the Indian culture to work ship goddess earth before beginning the house construction. It is a considered as a good and fortunate beginning to process the further activities.

Every plot area or a house has 8 directions that have individual to collective significance on the house according to Vastu Sastra. The eight directions are governed by the eight mighty lords – East, Lord Indra (Heaven), South East, Lord Agni (Fire), South, Lord Yama (Death), South West, Lord Rakshas or Nirtuthi (Demon), West, Lord Varuna (Water), North West, Lord Vaayu (Air), North, Lord Kuber (Wealth) North East, Lord Easwar or Esana (Shiva).

The eight lords called as Ashta Devas have distinct influence on the house. If all the directions are followed according to the vastu sastra while designing the architecture plan and implemented in the construction process it will give health and prosperity to the residents of the household.

The direction of the house is dependable on the sun sign and birth star of the owner who is building the house. There are 26 stars and each star has different implied direction for the benefit of the house owner and residents.

  1. Aswini – East, North

  2. Bharani – South

  3. Krithika – South

  4. Rohini – South, West

  5. Mrigasira – South, West

  6. Arudra – North, West, South

  7. Pun arvasu – North, East, West

  8. Pushya – North, East

  9. Aslesha – East

  10. Makha – South, East, North

  11. Purvaphalguni – South, North

  12. Uttaraphalguni – South, West, North

  13. Hastha – West, South

  14. Chitra – North, West, South

  15. Swathi – North, West

  16. Vishakha – North, East, West

  17. Anuradha – East

  18. Jyeshta – South, East

  19. Moola – South, East, North

  20. Purvashada – South, West, North

  21. Uttarashada – West, North, South

  22. Sravana – North, South, West

  23. Danishta – North, West, South

  24. Sathabhisha –North, East, West

  25. Uttarabhadra – South, East

  26. Revathi – South, East

If you consider vastu sastra prominently in the construction process and build a house strictly following the directions and prominence of place for each particular room and amenities, you can have a peaceful and prosperous life.

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