Interior Design Trends for Your Home

Who does want their house to look stunningly beautiful and be complimented for the artistic décor you plan and design for your each room right from living hall, dining hall, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.

People today have a great charm to decorate their home with latest interior design trends.  Interior design is decorating your rooms in the house with the apt color and art decors that pleases eyes and gives tranquility to the heart. While in construction process only, you can try to implement certain basic ideas to initiate decorations for your total buildings.

Select good art and crafts to showcase your building from internally that allures everyone to praise and compliment them. If you really looking to give a good interior design trend to your house, search and read on net about the various things that apply to the interiors and design structure of your rooms,  and walls.

When you set a trend, plan in such a ways that it comprehends both traditional and modern interior designs. It is always advised to use natural colors in the most aesthetical way along the handicrafts and more of natural elements for the interior designing trend. Plan to buy good articles like handicrafts, accessories and furniture that can give your home a perfect blend of artistic look and modern approach. If you choose natural elements, your interiors will create a tranquil atmosphere.

Kitchen Accessories:

Kitchen Accessories

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Select accessories for the kitchen that is more suitable to your kitchen style. You can select from chopping boards, cutlery holders trays, wooden serving bowls, towel and napkin holders and many more utilities that can give a perfect look for your kitchen. Continue reading

Vacation Homes – A Good Source of Rental Income

Vacation home

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Do you ever tried to invest in owning a vacation home in the most exciting locations for earning revenues?

Yes, in fact you can.

Vacation Homes are the dwellings owned by either single or collective people other than their primary residence that are used for recreational purposes like vacation and holidays. Vacation homes are normally during holidays or weekend plans to stay away from the routine stuff of life and home. Vacation homes are commonly located in the city outskirts. They are usually built at far off locations so that people can feel the atmosphere of greenery and pleasant meadows away from home.

It is really a good investment idea to build vacation home in good tranquil areas so that you can run it as business by renting them. You can use your property for personal and family recreational activities or use it as a revenue and income generator if you not using it also. Give it to rental purposes and earn rental income. Continue reading

Unable to pay home loan EMIs? Here’s what you can do

Planning to buy a house on Home Loan? Think Before You Act



Owning a home is more a necessity than a luxury as it becomes an essential part of our life and hard earned money. If you are planning to buy a house, don’t take quick decisions getting allured by the wonderful charming ads that say many attractive slogans and options. It is you who is going to bear all the expenses at a stretch of more than half of your life span years.  If you are ready with your savings, budget and strongly feel that you are financially stable to own a house by taking home loan, than opt for it.

Be careful and plan before you opt for a home loan, because there is nothing more demanding than your happiness and peaceful state of mind. Continue reading

Buying a New House This New Year – UGADI

Owning a house is like a dream come true to many, and those who want to make it as special and wonderful moment, choose to own a house on any special days like Birthdays, or New Year. Ugadi, Telugu New Year is falling on the auspicious day of the first month of the traditional Hindu calendar followed by Andhra Pradesh. Jaya Nama Samvatsara is to begin on March 31.


If you plan to buy a new house this New Year, plan out in advance few things that are essential for you as a home buyer to avoid any last minute panic and disturbances:

Understand Your Budget:

After making all the necessary decisions of all your finances, you fix a budget and plan to buy a new house understanding the importance of your budget. Do not ever indulge in heavy budgets that can keep you worried all the way throughout life. Make sure you approach much before to bank in case of home loans options.

Choose Best Location Suitable to Your Family:

Plan to buy a house in a location that can be easily accessed for different facilities and flexible enough for your family to reach out to any place to and fro.

Fix Your Mind to Which Type of House You Prefer:

Plan in mind and fix to your choice whether you want to buy a flat, apartment, independent house, duplex or triplex house. So that it will not be a dangling position for you while you go on searching for owning or buying a house.

Love, Happiness, Safety, Growth and Prosperity Factors:

Ultimately anyone would love to own a house to spend a life worthy of love, happiness, safety, growth and prosperity for themselves and their family. You will have to see if the house you are going to own can give you all that aspects by observing the vasthu, cleanliness, ambience, eco-friendly atmosphere and security requirements.

This Ugadi, make your new year a special one by buying a new home and welcome all good fortunes

Choose the best builders:


While choosing a construction company or a builder to buy a home, make good decision by thorough research and friendly feed backs from your circle of friends and family.choice-india  is one of the best construction & infrastructure development company in Hyderabad. We have been creating landmarks of discerning quality & consider ourselves as favorites among home seekers.

Telangana Bill Passed – Paving a New Dynamism to Take Over in Real Estate Sector

Speculations are on about the prices to shoot up in the real estate business in Hyderabad with Lok Sabha passing the Telangana Bill on February 18th 2014. There will be a hike in prices that match with those in Bangalore and Chennai as Real Estate growth is paving the new way for rapid development of both the regions.

This is really a growth period for both the regions as the Telangana bill is going to give clarity for all industrial sectors and real estate business. With uncertainty of Telangana bill that prolonged from past 2009 for the both regions, has a great impact in past four years on the real estate business to a large extent. Marketers and Business Analyst are looking forward for a fair growth in both regions in real estate sector. Most  of the experts in real estate sector feel that Hyderabad will continue to benefit in every sector as it has the true potential market and competitive edge. Continue reading

Add Colours to Your Life: Pre-Plan your Wall Colour for Rich Living

Colours bring charm to eyes and please heart. As a human being we are very lucky to perceive around 2000 different shades with a naked eye.  A picture is complete with a different combination of colours that is almost 87% of sensual impressions we get via coloured world.

Colours are different and are basically divided into primary, secondary, warm, cold, neutral, strong and pale colours.

Primary Colours: (RED, YELLOW and BLUE) Primary Colours are those expressing the vibrancy towards life that has a lot of impact on human attitude and expression. Red, Yellow and Blue are the three primary colours that reflect the brightness and strength.


Red is colour of optimism, happening, passion, strength, love, emotion, sacrifice and liveliness. Red impacts on human body in different ways like toning the muscles, improving the pulse rate, raising blood pressure, improving the blood circulation, excretion of adrenaline and hepatic function. Red is mostly preferred by stable person than an unstable person as it deepens respiration and can cause headaches. Your living rooms and kitchen can go well with intense shades of red coloured walls.


Yellow colour reflects and reminds the bright look of sun and light. It is a sign of optimism and positivism that stimulates and activates the atmosphere around. It creates a sense of alertness, improves concentration, and explores the creative side and wisdom power. It has a great impact on human health systems and thinking process. Yellow has great benefits on respiratory organs that help in treating psychoneuroses. It increases blood pressure, improves the pulse rate and impacts positively on nervous system.  There are differ shades of yellow that are known for their qualities and liveliness. Like cloudy yellow reflects calming, thinking, live yellow gives agility, boldness, relaxation, olive yellow gives a gloomy mood and citron yellow showers alertness, vivacity, liveliness, perfection. These shades of yellow can be used in your corridors and lobby that are usually dark and would always welcome brightness.

Blue Colour:

The Blue colour is a simple colour that has abundance as the sky that reflects in the water. It is symbol of wisdom, intelligence, immorality, depth, and spirituality. It has a great impact on the human body like slowing heart rate, sinking respiratory rhythm, improves the concentration, and creates a sense of peace and rest. Blue is Best for Bedrooms.

Secondary Colours (ORANGE): Secondary colours are the combination of two primaries. Continue reading

Important tips to be considered while investing in real estate

Investment is really a BIG DEAL when it is in real estate, Right!

Investment is a stage where people reach after saving lot of their efforts in terms of money and assets. Normally people try to invest in something that will return them the full prospects of revenue and income.  Investing in either commercial or residential properties has long term benefits with the boom in real estate in Hyderabad. The latest developments in Hyderabad have brought great momentum in the real estate business.

Here are few tips for you, who want to invest in real estate:

Proper Time in Research:
It is important to do a proper research before you invest in real estate, it can be through friends, real estate professionals, market analysts, construction companies. Before you rush to invest in real estate, make sure you approach and research offline and online to get a good grip about the real estate market properties.

The main point to invest in real estate is the prime location that has good price and land value. The location is the main aspect to look to invest as in the long run you would try to convert into cash or make use of it in the long run. See the location has nearest schools, hospitals, shopping malls and cine halls so that the location has more demand as the day go by. You will have more chances to raise the price of real estate you buy in that location.  Select a location, where your property will have more chances prices raising and developments around them. It should be accessible from bus and railway stations so that it is preferred by people while they buy it.

Real estate property itself is an investment, whatever is your life style. It is an investment that helps in long run to convert into cash. The value of house is important to take into consideration while buying it as an investment purpose. Check for the appraisal value of property as I may greatly differ, you try to know it from a good real estate expert. Continue reading

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation’s road widening plans

The road expansion works in the twin cities initiated by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) a couple of years ago have brought the new phase of developments in the commercial buildings construction. Though, every shopkeeper and commercial complex proprietors showed disgrace for curbing their shopping and commercial areas, have slowly shown up the spirit to renovate their shops and complexes in a more stylish and branded way. The proprietors have taken the efforts to reshape and redesign their shopping complexes and shops to attract more new customers as well as to provide the quality service to the consistent customers.

Commercial complexes are on mark to attract the customers with new looking and style. Many commercial construction companies have hallmarked their ventures with the new dynamism and world class building structures.

Continue reading

Importance of Vastu Shasta for Building a House

The basic idea for building a house is to have a place of peace and prosperity for anyone who wants to own a house and fulfil their dream desire of happily living ever after with their family. It precisely takes many points into limelight when one decides to build a house like a good plot area, a good Construction Company, quality construction material dealer, a good architect, and the most unique conscience of many Telugu people building a house – VASTU.

Vastu is a methodical study that explores the impact of the rays of sun on the earth. The conditions that prevail with the effects of such impact greatly influence the architect plan and construction of house. It is a systematic method to explore its effects and influence on the residents of the house. Prior to the construction of any building, it is must to design a perfect architect plan to fix the layout of the house keeping all necessary parameters related to Vastu.

Before you start the construction process, it is always beneficial to the residents or owners of that building to perform a bhoomi pooja, an age old tradition in the Indian culture to work ship goddess earth before beginning the house construction. It is a considered as a good and fortunate beginning to process the further activities.

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Ongoing Residential Projects in Hyderabad – choice-india

Residential Property Market of Hyderabad has got tremendous changes in the past few years with the bifurcation issue in Andhra Pradesh. Residential building construction business is vastly growing with more of IT professionals from others states of India residing and settling in Hyderabad. There is a huge demand for more furnished residential homes, apartments and flats among the people who are looking to buy and own a property for their future safety and security.

There are major attractions to the city of Hyderabad with more number of beautiful duplex houses and villas built in the gated communities around the posh areas of cyber city where IT companies and MNCs are located. The scope for Residential Building Construction business has increased with more number of IT professionals and business owners showing much passion to own a house that fulfils their dreams and satisfaction of ownership. Many are likely to invest even in buying residential houses to save their earning and earn more in the long run.

Growing market in Hyderabad for residential houses has made many construction companies to venture into new development projects in the reputed locations of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Major constructions companies in Hyderabad are developing prestigious landmarks in the history of the construction business catering to the needs of both Residential and Commercial Projects. You can see there is a lot of investment in building Apartments, Flats, Independent Houses, Duplexes, and Villas by construction companies.

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