Add Colours to Your Life: Pre-Plan your Wall Colour for Rich Living

Colours bring charm to eyes and please heart. As a human being we are very lucky to perceive around 2000 different shades with a naked eye.  A picture is complete with a different combination of colours that is almost 87% of sensual impressions we get via coloured world.

Colours are different and are basically divided into primary, secondary, warm, cold, neutral, strong and pale colours.

Primary Colours: (RED, YELLOW and BLUE) Primary Colours are those expressing the vibrancy towards life that has a lot of impact on human attitude and expression. Red, Yellow and Blue are the three primary colours that reflect the brightness and strength.


Red is colour of optimism, happening, passion, strength, love, emotion, sacrifice and liveliness. Red impacts on human body in different ways like toning the muscles, improving the pulse rate, raising blood pressure, improving the blood circulation, excretion of adrenaline and hepatic function. Red is mostly preferred by stable person than an unstable person as it deepens respiration and can cause headaches. Your living rooms and kitchen can go well with intense shades of red coloured walls.


Yellow colour reflects and reminds the bright look of sun and light. It is a sign of optimism and positivism that stimulates and activates the atmosphere around. It creates a sense of alertness, improves concentration, and explores the creative side and wisdom power. It has a great impact on human health systems and thinking process. Yellow has great benefits on respiratory organs that help in treating psychoneuroses. It increases blood pressure, improves the pulse rate and impacts positively on nervous system.  There are differ shades of yellow that are known for their qualities and liveliness. Like cloudy yellow reflects calming, thinking, live yellow gives agility, boldness, relaxation, olive yellow gives a gloomy mood and citron yellow showers alertness, vivacity, liveliness, perfection. These shades of yellow can be used in your corridors and lobby that are usually dark and would always welcome brightness.

Blue Colour:

The Blue colour is a simple colour that has abundance as the sky that reflects in the water. It is symbol of wisdom, intelligence, immorality, depth, and spirituality. It has a great impact on the human body like slowing heart rate, sinking respiratory rhythm, improves the concentration, and creates a sense of peace and rest. Blue is Best for Bedrooms.

Secondary Colours (ORANGE): Secondary colours are the combination of two primaries.


The combination of yellow and red colour is Orange that reflects the vibrancy and life. It can be a great choice for living rooms and halls.


The vibrant colours can be used for children’s bathrooms that will look classic, and bright.



Green is reflected as colour of health. It has tremendous positive effects on human body and psychology. It helps in curing hysteria and nervous fatigue with a calming control on nervous system. It directly has an effect on reducing depression and mitigating migraines. It is colour of calm, peace, and study.  It is good for bathrooms and bedrooms.


The combination of blue and red gives violet colour in different shades with one or the other in different proportion. The peace and solitude of blue and the passion and vibrancy of red is blended together that has the combination of different primary colours. It works wonder when used in wall colours.


White is the combination of three prime colours yellow, red and blue. It is known for its clarity and purity and the sense of peace. It is always a beginning point that reflects lucidity and patience. White colour used on walls is good as the rooms look spacious and calm. It creates a healthy atmosphere and canadd more attraction to your paintings and wall hanging.

While constructing a building or a house, you will have to take special attention to the colour of the walls for each room. It is going to stay with you long and make you feel pleasured when you look around your dream house. Select good colours that give a great impact upon you and your mental metabolism.

Living rooms, dining rooms, corridors, lobby, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms are the destination places of your livelihood. Make them more attractive and soothing to live in lively.

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