Telangana Bill Passed – Paving a New Dynamism to Take Over in Real Estate Sector

Speculations are on about the prices to shoot up in the real estate business in Hyderabad with Lok Sabha passing the Telangana Bill on February 18th 2014. There will be a hike in prices that match with those in Bangalore and Chennai as Real Estate growth is paving the new way for rapid development of both the regions.

This is really a growth period for both the regions as the Telangana bill is going to give clarity for all industrial sectors and real estate business. With uncertainty of Telangana bill that prolonged from past 2009 for the both regions, has a great impact in past four years on the real estate business to a large extent. Marketers and Business Analyst are looking forward for a fair growth in both regions in real estate sector. Most  of the experts in real estate sector feel that Hyderabad will continue to benefit in every sector as it has the true potential market and competitive edge.

Real estate owners have ultimately taken a deep breath after Parliament finally issued the T-bill as they were upset with the whole slot of political uncertainty in the state that were disturbing their property market over the last few years. Though many of the industrial experts were quiet panicked over Hyderabad losing some of the business from the Seemandhra region, with joint capital decision have rejoiced the development from both regions. They are quiet optimistic for the local market to grow with a good range of investments in the future.

The major developments taking place in Hyderabad presently with Outer Ring Road and IT corridor, expectation are on high note for improvement in real estate sector.

We can estimate a steady hype in prices about 10% in 2014 with comparison to 2013. The prices of land, plots, apartments, independent houses are likely to appreciate during the current year. No more illusions of low priced properties in Hyderabad from now.


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